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A return to the olden days of medicine.  Before insurance and billing and codes and reimbursement for more tests ordered.

Just you and a doctor who knows you well.  Both of you working together to help you be healthy.

What is direct primary care?  It is exactly that.

You pay a small monthly fee, a little more than you do for your cell phone, and all of your basic medical needs are taken care of.  All the same services you receive from any standard family practice physician, plus some extras are included in that fee.

Any in office testing or procedures.  As many visits as needed.  All included in that cost.

Plus we use the Hale® app to allow you direct access to your physician. You can text message, voice call, or video chat through the app. You can also schedule an appointment online or through the app.

Home visits are also included for established patients within a 10 mile radius.  Can be expanded to a 15 mile radius for a small gas surcharge and scheduling adjustments.

With Direct Primary Care, the patient panel is limited to about 600 patients, not 3,000 like a standard primary care physician.  What does this mean for you?

  • You can come see your physician the day and time you want.

  • Same day and last minute appointments.

  • You don't have to sit in the waiting room for more than a couple minutes.

  • You get as much time as you need with your physician.

We then provide you a detailed receipt for each visit that you can still submit to your insurance to apply towards your deductible or health savings account.

Direct Primary Care is ideally suited to those with a high deductible, those with a health savings account, or those who want a physician who knows them personally and takes as much time as needed each visit.

Direct Primary Care is a great option for small and medium sized companies.  We also offer discounts and incentives when more than 5 employees sign up!  See our For Employers or Pricing page.

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