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We want to help you help your employees and be more efficient!

Every type of business can benefit from partnering with a wellness program, or a weight loss program.  Obesity is a leading cause of lethargy, heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer.

When an employee's mental health and physical health is at its best, they have an easier time focusing on their work, their careers, and their future.

We are here to help your employees feel their best, perform their best, and not have to miss work.

There is no charge to partner with us.  We can come to your business, web conference, or work with you on a custom enrollment plan.


When 5 or more of your employees are enrolled, they all receive a discount!

Direct Primary Care is ideally suited to the small and medium-sized business.  Employers that switch to the Direct Care payment model have been shown to save up to 40% on their healthcare costs!

Employers pay a discounted flat rate monthly fee per employee and all primary care services are included and covered.  Studies show over 80% of healthcare can be provided at the primary care level!

We can even schedule times to come to your location to see enrolled employees.  Or your employees can schedule same-day appointments or simply communicate through the Hale app.

Curious to learn more?  Call or e-mail us, or click on the link below to see a study regarding a large employer that saved thousands by switching to Direct Primary Care.

Flu Vaccines

We will come to you and vaccinate your employees, a great cost saver to you and to your employees!

We also offer free health seminars, free webinars, and free biometric screening for your employees.

Contact us and we will work with you and your needs!

Office Consultation
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