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Too often healthcare in the US is focused on treating disease.

Our goal is to prevent disease, and help you reach the happiest, healthiest you that you can be.

We are committed to helping you reach optimal Health and Vitality.

We practice a new model of medicine that incorporates the best tools and technology from conventional medicine, as well as emerging tests and tools that help to identify the critical imbalances at the root of illness.

We provide a safe space for people that offers patient-centered, not disease-centered medicine.

Our Wellness Practice Continues to Grow.  We plan to offer many more services and will value your feedback in what we offer.

Current Offerings:

Biometric Screening                       Tobacco Cessation

Weight Loss/Management              Lifestyle Coaching

Health Risk Assessment                   Hormone Balancing

Thyroid Health Optimization            Adrenal Health Optimization

Digestive Health Optimization         Sexual Wellness

Cardiac Screening                        Energy and Vitality Assessment

We also offer corporate discounts, as well as discounts for military, school teachers, police, fire fighters, and nurses!  We support those who support our community!  See pricing for more information.

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